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Svetlana (Lana) Pritzker, M.Ed. has been certified in many ancient and modern modalities like Crystal Healing, Genetic Sequencing, Holographic Memory Resolution, Human Software Engineering and WaveMaker. As an educator, she enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with her audiences. Empowered by Matrix Energetics field of all possibilities she offers a unique blend of synergetic solutions to often complex and challenging situations.

"Ask Svetlana" is an educational community TV program that brings deep-rooted wisdom of the past and cutting edge discoveries of today right into your house. It helps people learn about powerful nurturing processes for holistic positive changes.

Learn from Svetlana (Lana) and extraordinary practitioners and healers who are interviewed by her. Deepen your understanding of how ages old traditional approaches are combined with ground-breaking insights, techniques and technologies. Our offer is to assist you in resolving seemingly irresolvable problems.

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