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I loved working with Lana! 
The session flowed, bringing forward exactly what I needed. We examined where my energy gets blocked (which sometimes shows up as my inability to express myself or feeling shut-down or less-than). Then Lana downloaded the new healthier state into my energy field. This was a subtle and sometimes powerful experience where I knew a big shift had occurred in me. 

Since my matrix session, I have felt much more peaceful and able to move through life in a consistently positive way. I have been able to stay present and it feels like I'm thinking much more clearly. I recently went on vacation with my 11 year old son and his friend. We all got along very well, even with the stress of him waking up 5 times during the night to throw up. 

It's pretty awesome that we felt that it was a great vacation even though it ended with this type of illness. I was able to stay calm and clear-headed throughout. "I couldn't have done this without you, Mom," was my son's response . Thank you Lana for helping me to create such a good life!

Lisa Shuwl, Massage Therapist, Chicago, IL

Svetlana has a gift of connecting all group members in the Matrix and set the space for traveling to the 5th dimensional world. The effect of the group meditation is increased awareness and connection to our higher self for guidance. This learning and experience is second to none. Today, calling upon my Matrix guide I felt the sky has opened and thousands of guides came through including a tall White Being that I recently saw in my dream. I received a red heart with the message "to trust".
These practice evenings helped me to feel the Matrix energy and now I can go there at will.

Alex Bergman, Financial  Planner, Chicago,IL

During my Matrix session I felt strong feeling of gratitude, peace and happiness. I have experienced meeting my Matrix Energetics Angel. He was a bit taller then I am , dressed in white and very transparent. like a mist of light. I felt  waves of happy anticipation and open my arms to receive his hug. I have enjoyed peace, relaxation and simple being.

Marina Zaturensky, Programmer, Chicago, IL

Svetlana is knowledgeable, caring, loving, gentle yet a very strong being, who has enriched my life in many ways.  She is a light that shines for many who is interested in changing their life for the better. She helps those who are interested in improving things around them, their health, relationships with your close ones, and mainly, and most importantly, relationship with yourself.
Matrix session, for me, was a very interesting experience. I can describe it as a soul massage. Working with the muscle of your life, going through the pains and the sores and coming out of it positive, peaceful, restful, powered up, ready to conquer or surrender and definitely filled up with joy.
Doing Matrix session with Svetlana, has put me in to “Pathway to Transformation”. It took me on a journey and reconnected me with ME, Tamara.
Thank you Svetlana. I am looking forward to more traveling through Matrix :)

Tamara Bezman,  Chicago, IL

Working with Lana is always a blessing.  When I see her for energy work, she is so connected to me and actually knows exactly what it is I may need before I can even articulate to her what I am feeling.  What I love about her work is that she is so diversified is several energy systems and uses what is appropriate for that particular session.  It can be hands off or on or talking with powerful questions or an array of tools and techniques. I always leave feeling lighter and more grouped and overall more present in my body and clearer in my mind. For me, I usually receive insights about our work together, after I leave her office and I am back into my life.  May Lana continue to share her gifts with the planet.

Laura Jachim, Holistic Coaching, yoga and massage


I loved our VS/ME session yesterday. It was absolutely uplifting and certainly elevated my spirit expanding my energy field. Also as you suggested I have started doing the Universal Love channeling exercise that you tought me. I must say that it feels a little bit awkward at first, but once I ground myself and get relaxed, its pretty amazing how my energy shifts and my mind stops resisting people and human contact overall. Even the tension that I felt in my shoulders is starting to feel alleviated. Its kinda like a heavy weight was released allowing me to stretch my body and arch my back & chest to inhale life and exhale the stress. This feels pretty good because I feel like now I am taking in more air in every breath I take. Thank you very much for your powerful words of wisdom.

Loving Hugs & Smiles

Julio Valenzuela