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What is Matrix Energetics ?

Matrix is a morphic field that is an energy grid of all there is. Connecting to Matrix Energetics helps awakening your ability to know and celebrate your dreams, enjoy vibrant health, and create loving relationships. Matrix Energetics experiences improve your ability to enter a Zero Point Energy Field, where you can access your own intuitive insights and relax into the state of all possibilities. During your session you will learn to open your own channel of light energy and tap into your highest potentials. This experience will enrich your life with remarkable energy and manifestations.

About Matrix Sessions

Living in Matrix takes practice, but the more aware of this light you become, the more connection to the Source you experience. Synchronicity become your natural way of being, bringing you to the right places at the right moments in your life and allowing you to open your heart to people that you have been destined to meet.

  • I offer three types of healing sessions: In-Person, by Phone and  Scheduled Long Distance sessions/transmissions. Group and individual sessions are available in person, via phone and as a long distance non-verbal experience.
  • First Session is usually between 1.15 min to one hour and 30 minutes long
    Following  Sessions are between 45 min to one hour long
  • To schedule an appointment:  please call me at (847) 414 3730
                                               or email Lana@energy4action.com

I specialize in helping you realise and complete your Sacred Contracts by looking at your Marriage Puzzle and other relationships and family dynamics, including Lighthouse Parenting. Please note that this work usually continues for some time after you leave your Matrix Energetics session.

What to expect ?

Matrix Energetics is a magical and profound space that should be visited without any expectations.

Using intuitive approach, we will explore your concerns and find the areas where energies are blocked.  Matrix Energetics session will support you in restoring the flow of energy in your body/mind/spirit system and guide you into a multidimensional multi layered positive change. You would be fully present and able to see, feel, and talk during this experience, but your body will be continuously relaxing and integrating deeper and deeper waves of the light energy.