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If you are interested in real stories of transformative experiences shared by my clients or read how  personal  Divine Mirrors  painting affect people's lives or check out some stories in my books  just visit the links provided above. 

Ever since I have gotten Matrix Pendant, I have been wondering about its magical powers. I would like to share my “double blind” experiment with Matrix Pendant that was a fun and educational experience for me.

Matrix Energetics Pendant Experiment

First time I have gotten in Dr. Bartlett seminar, I went into a very deep trance listening to his “Venetian Draperies” story. As I deeply dove into the blue vortex of the Logo displayed on the background, I have met my guides and teachers face to face for the first time in my life. I have known and felt their presence for a while, but I had never had a visual contact with them before. A number of my clients, Indigo kids and teenagers as well as adults with strong clairvoyant/psychic abilities, have mentioned that there were the same Five Beings showing up in my sessions and creating a healing circle with me being a sixth healer in a circle starting in Fall of 2008, but I had my doubts… I wanted to know who they were and see how they looked. This day in Matrix Energetics a strong bridge into the 5th dimension was created. The image of the Matrix amulet acted as a door into the state of 5th dimension where I could finally see “the invisible”. During this experience my familiar animal guides have also showed up, grounding the whole experience.  You can see my painting of the Master Healers I’ve met in my Matrix Gallery

I have also used my Matrix Pendant for 2PTing myself to each seminar where I could not be physically present. I have noticed that every time there was a seminar I had all kinds of downloads, ideas, and new skills showing up in my life. 

I have experienced the pendant as a door and a personal receiver for about 8 months now, but my pragmatic mind still wanted some external validation, so I have thought about a little experiment.

The weekend of August 23-24 I have attended Mind, Body, and Spirit Expo in Chicago where I had taken a few Aura Photography pictures. These pictures were made with special equipment. My hands were touching a plate that was “reading” my energy field while the camera was taking a snap shot of my energetic state in the moment. Below is the full report on my 2 day, 2 people experiment

Here is my pre-Matrix shot done a year and a half ago. Yellow colors indicate happiness, love of freedom, high spiritual development mode. Orange tones indicate uplifting, absorbing energy, inspiring, independents, creative, artistic. Just so you can see my “Matrix” state progress, I am placing my last year picture here as well. I also had some red, dark hues of active materialistic energy with a bit of the green/blue energy coming in on the right, indicating future development. There was 2 strikes of white masters' guidance in the center and on the right. I was told that more green and blue will show up as I release my hyperactive conditioning and step into my true essence.

This year was a remakable year for me. I know that my energy had changed dramatically. Below are the 3 shots that I have taken within 2 min apart from each other on August 23rd.

This first shot is a picture me without Matrix Pendant at 3:16 pm. I am pretty calm. There are green hues that are interpreted as a healing energy on the left and deep blue/purple/indigo that is intuitive knowing and 5th dimensional connection high above, trying to come down in the center, on the left and right. There is a white masters’ guidance coming in on the right and peace and calm state showing as light blue. Look at the darkness around my heart area and some darker color of tension around my left shoulder (at least 5 generations of struggling, abandonment and victimhood from my mother’s side). I guess I am still trying to save the word alone. You can see that my energy is not balanced between the left and the right sites probably representing the state of duality vs. oneness with my Core, that Soul I Am state.

The second picture was done with me wearing the Matrix Pendant. It had instantly connected me with my Matrix Guides and Angels at 3:18 pm. The colors immediately have gotten more balanced. My Indigo guidance had showered down and settled around my head. Notice a calmer dance of the energy, creating smooth blending of the healing green colors and peaceful blue energy all around. Whites, indigo and purples are coming together vs. pushing through my hyperactive energy before. The white masters’ guidance had merged with healing green colors and has created a full glowing arch above my head. The dark colors were gone from the left shoulder area and had created big change in the heart chakra. It looks more open, emanating white and blue peaceful energy. BTW, my pendant was hanging higher then the actual heart is positioned, so it was the heart chakra being radiant, not the pendant glowing. The Third Eye area had gotten also activated and the white had gotten blended with purple that was not there before.

The third picture was done without the Matrix Pendant as a “control” picture at 3:20 pm. I took the amulet off, but have asked all my guides to show up and stay with me. I wanted to see what exactly is happening when I only use my “brain waves”, “imagination”, “guides and teachers” concepts vs. a ritual object representing a morphic field of Matrix Energetics. BTW, my Matrix Pendant is also holding 3 personal upgrades that Richard Bartlett graciously embedded in it, and all the energy of all the seminars that I have attended (11 in my physical form and so many more by 2PT) . You can see that the Third Eye area had gotten ever brighter as my guides were trying to keep me in harmonious balance. But look at the rest of the field – the left and right sites had started its duality dance of separation again. The white masters’ guidance had shifted into darker hues and the heart is not as bright as it was with the pendant. All the indigo colors/intuitive knowing is there, being closely connected, but most of my healing green colors are shifted to the left again vs. being more balanced between 2 sides before.

I was impressed with the results of my experiment and my logical mind finally understood why my Matrix Pendant rings in the security check arch every time I come back from the seminar. But I wanted to see how much of my personal mind was still involved with changing the colors. I have decided to take more pictures with and without the pendant. After all, I am a strong Matrix Being who can create any colors in my aura, right?

On Sunday, August 24th I have taken my close friend Irina to the Aura Photography booth. Irina had not been to the Matrix seminar yet and knew very little about the pendant. She had started reading Dr. Bartlett's book, but was not familiar with any of the techniques or applications yet. Look at her pictures below and notice the amazing effect that my Matrix pendant has on her aura.
I have noticed that we had very similar aura colors. It had nothing to do with the camera. The rest of the people around us had yellow, red and other colors in their pictures. I believe it has to do with us being similar in our healing approach and energies. We both are working with Ancient Lemurian Master Physicians and Ascended Light Masters as our guides. Notice that she has a lot of bright purples as she has become clairvoyant and very visual over the past year. She has a tendency to boldly share her “knowing”, scaring some of the people away. She is a strong healer with a lot of green around her heart, but notice  some dark shadow around her heart mirrored on both of her shoulders. Her shoulders are usually very tense. Notice how her green colors are creating almost a barrier for the blue and indigo intuitive guidance to come down on her first picture at 11:40 am.

This picture of Irina above was taken while wearing my pendantat 11:42 am. It looks like the Matrix Amulet balances her field as well as opens up her heart to emanate blue peaceful energy. Her whole aura looks more unified and balanced. The blue/indigo/violet intuitive knowing is now evenly spread around her. The Third eye area is bright and open as well. Her clairvoyance shows up in a gentler guidance permeating though her Being as a natural healing stream of energy and information.

And just to add to the list of every day Matrix miracle, I have been at the Expo for 2 days and have met some wonderful Matrix people I have met in Chicago seminar and in my monthly Practice Playground before. We were magnetically attracted to each other in the huge crowd where you can easily lose your own self, never mind another person. I know that Marix Pedant had done its great job of connecting us all.