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My Matrix Paintings

New Human Energetics Card Set

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Welcome to Matrix Energetics Playground!

I am glad we have met. This is not a chance meeting. You know that.

Meeting Dr. Richard Bartlett, Jim Self, Richard Rudd and diving into the Quantum Field of all possibilities  initiated extraordinary experiences in my life and I am happy to share them with you. This website is your portal into the Matrix. I invite you to catch the wave of miraculous Matrix energy and experience the Matrix of healing and transformation.

Supercharge your life at a light speed:

Join our Matrix Energetics Chicago Meet up for monthly Study group and other magical experiences to help integrate what you already know and experience the Alchemy of what is possible. Experiment with power of your focused intent
and learn how to live and play in Matrix Energetics every day.

This is how I do it:

I integrate many systems and multidimesional tools. If you need some guidance in awakening a Matrix Wizard within, I am at your service. I love and live in Matrix Energy and I would love to take you on a tour of this amazing territory and help you connect with your Magical Manifestation Power within.

You are the Ruler of your Universe! That is right � Set your rules. Connect to Matrix with your hands, mind and your heart. It is that easy. You can use any �door� to enter Matrix Energetics

Let your mind touch the most relaxed moment in your life and slide into no-thing-ness, a Zero Point Energy field. Feel the wobble and allow the old patterns of energy to leave your body and the new pattern to show up. Observe what is different.

The Marriage Puzzle: Matrix Energetics for Relationships

Powered by Matrix Energetics, this session is a unique gift for extraordinary couples that offers profound look into Bride's and Groom's ultimate compatibility and opens a magical door for a couple to experience the best communication, connection and love within their union. Unwrap the Gift of Intimacy and build a successful Love puzzle.

Join our Matrix Energetics community to receive upcoming events' reminders and updates about ME study groups and New Human Energetics playground.

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Life Force Vibrations for Positive Thinking are  specially crafted CDs that help you embody focused positive affirmations and keep you connected to Matrix energy.