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Genetic Code Readings, Alignments, Activations

The magical transformation and inner work facilitated by looking at Genetic Codes within your Divine Design creates an open door into the Matrix of Human Potential. These sessions powerfully integrate all the multi layered experiences recorded in your energetic field and spontaneously re-align your body, mind and spirit with your original blueprint.

Each session is a personal transmission designed to empower you in building your Marriage Puzzle, activating your Innate gifts and abilities, support your romantic or business relationships and assist you in rising happy healthy talented children effortlessly.

Enhanced by Matrix Energetics these sessions assist you in expanding your awareness and giving you a precision to accept your NOW and follow your spiritual evolutionary path by letting go of any habitual limitations and fully expressing your innate power to be happy and successful.

Unlock the Power Within with your personal Gene Keys and connect to your Life Work, Evolutionary Path, and Soul Purpose.

Understand the dynamics of your Life Script, and when needed, re-negotiate Divine Contracts between you and other people.

Build the Marriage Puzzle, Romantic or Business Partnerships with tools that will help you understand people in your life and know exactly how you can connect with each individual by using your unique strategy and hidden gifts of your genetic design.

This session is a unique gift for extraordinary couples. It offers profound look into Bride's and Groom's ultimate compatibility and opens a magical door for a couple to experience the best communication, connection and love within their union.

Understand your Indigo Crystal Transitional Children: with Divine Design Parenting Assistance

Family and/or Children Dynamics are often very complex. This session will help you KNOW exactly how every member of your family is "wired", what exactly do you need to say or do to avoid over-reactions and to create a cooperative environment, teach your children to follow their unique way of being and to enjoy your family life to the fullest.

Connect to the ancient Earth Wisdom with Personal Crystal Mandala

There is a magic connection between your Energy Field, your life events and stones in your jewelry box. Personal Crystal Mandala helps you increase your attraction power by working with personal minerals and crystals and assists you in connecting to the Universal power available through your connection with Earth and Cosmos elements.

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Divine Mirrors Paintings and Readings

"Divine Mirrors" are personal Soul paintings that help you awaken and accelerate your Spiritual growth, extrasensory abilities and multidimensional perceptions by connecting with your Purpose, Spirit Guides and Light Masters. You can order a photo copy poster of existing images or commission to paint your own Soul painting.

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