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Svetlana Pritzker

Certified in modern and ancient healing arts (HMR, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, Genetic Sequencing to name a few), Svetlana (Lana) Pritzker, M.Ed. is a natural catalyst for positive change. Lana's work is a unique blend of synergetic solutions to seemingly insolvable problems, such as addictions, ADD/ADHD, emotional traumas, and pain. Her unique ability to guide people to their own inner knowing creates synchronicity and profound transformation.

Combining original wisdom of the East and advantages of modern West technologies with more then 20 years of her own research and experience, Svetlana (Lana) helps her clients experience a powerful nurturing process, facilitating deep spiritual and physical cleansing and extraordinary alignment of their body, mind and spirit.

"I am grateful for my spiritual guides and connection with the Universal Mind and Heart that guide me in my work. I enjoy being a transmission channel for fast profound transformation. Their light help us transforms shadows and pain of the old conditioning into opportunities, gifts, and every day miracles."

Svetlana (Lana)

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